Project | 01 First National Real Estate

First National Real Estate office wanted to build on their reputation to their local audience and increase their online presence through an interactive user friendly website (within their branding guidelines), and commence social media. This was achieved by initiating social media channels, creating well targeted online ads, and updating their website to meet their requirements whilst we managed all aspects of digital marketing. Overall the implemented marketing improved their online presence, increased their follow base, provided them with referrals and online reviews whilst enabling them to connect to digital communication channels they were unable to connect with in the past. We were able to successfully engage with their clients through various online tools and improve on their Google organic presence overall.

ilumalite2Project | 02 LED Lighting

This LED Lighting company was spending thousands of marketing dollars on print advertising and wanted reduce their spend whilst introducing digital marketing to their marketing strategy. A new marketing strategy was created along with a new website and connecting social media channels, with well targeted email campaigns and video’s to their prospective clients. It provided their business with a fresh new look and gave their business and products an online presence through various online advertising channels and social media, creating new ways to communicate to their clients. It not only reduced their marketing spend, it also connected them to useful networking groups, and helped to promote their energy saving programs. Through digital marketing it not only gave them the online presence they required, it helped to create more awareness about their products and energy efficient programs.

unitrendProject | 03 Online Beauty Clothing

This unique business for stain resistant beauty clothing wanted to improve on their online presence by introducing social media channels, and creating relevant campaigns to their current clients to enhance their repeat business. A new email campaign program was introduced as well as strategic promotions relating their clothing range. This helped them to keep their current clients engaged and up to date with their new clothing range and promotions. Social media, online advertising and a fresh marketing strategy enabled them to reach new clients and was largely responsible for creating an improved overall online presence, making it easier for their range to be located online. We even achieved page one on Google organic search which still remains today.

scott automation2Project | 04 Automation & Robotics

This award winning Automation and Robotics business required assistance with their social media and email campaigns to target a specific audience relating to their products within a specific industry. Through public relations and tailor designed campaigns we were able to target and captivate their target audience. Various social media campaigns created an extremely high reach and engagement through informative tutorials and video’s which were specifically designed for each project. New digital marketing strategies were created to engage and inform clients world wide, which is still today highly successful and part of their ongoing marketing strategy.

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