Small business and utilising the ‘Big Four’ with social media

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For any business harnessing free ways to advertise your business or engage your customers is always a bonus, luckily we have these available at our fingertips everyday of our lives. The ‘Big Four’ refers to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. It’s surprising that YouTube isn’t part of the Big Four as video engagement is more popular than ever, but no doubt it lies just outside the circle.

It’s fair to say that an SME will have to determine the best social avenue for them to reach their customers and this is going to vary depending on the product, service or brand they have or portray. Most businesses use Google+ simply for SEO purposes which is a handy little trick to help growing those rankings.

While Facebook and Twitter are often the first social media channels that businesses turn to, Pinterest, an online tool for collecting and organising images, has become important for some, particularly designers. Designers of clothing, dresses, interior and even photographers can benefit greatly through this platform and the visual engagement/stimulation it brings followers.

Facebook is a great platform for increasing brand awareness and creating opportunities for engagement, feedback and reward. Content still remains king and images along with that content plays a massive part when trying to engage successfully.

Social media can offer many benefits to businesses, although the possibilities might seem mind-boggling to anyone unfamiliar with these tools. Low-cost resources are available to help small business to master their social media. Even if they don’t get expert help there are lots of resources online. There’s a wealth of information available to you depending on what you want to achieve.



LinkedIn & 6 ways to grow your business through the popular platform

linkedin-tips and strategies for social media and digital media

Whilst LinkedIn is used to grow networking leads, gain employment and references its also a brilliant platform to grow your business.

Here are 6 lessons LinkedIn can teach you to effectively market, network and grow your business successfully:

  1. Eliminate inefficiencies- Before reaching out to people on LinkedIn have your message down pact and only truly connect with them if you’re not going to waste their time thus not wasting yours either, days of the voicemail have well and truly gone, connect directly!
  2. Take advantage of advanced search- To make sales you need to find people who will but your product or service, LinkedIn’s advanced search filter lets you search by industry, saving you time and effort along the way. There is also a premium paid option with more features should you have the coin to spend.
  3. Make Quality Connections- Always make sure people are legit before sending them a connection request, look for a high connection count, a decent profile picture and a decent work history and about them blurb outlining their interests and work.
  4. Make your messages personal- Never send generic or automated messages when wanting to connect with someone, this can come across spammy and no one likes spam. Keep it personal and short and try to mention something that they’re interested in, keep them engaged.
  5. Don’t stop at a connection- Once connected ask to talk on the phone or to discuss any potential opportunities further, remember if you send a request, you’re expected to do the follow up, not your connection!
  6. Look to help- Don’t abuse LinkedIn by just using it for your own interest, you’ll make more meaningful connections by first finding ways to help your connections by going past the value your product brings. The goal of LinkedIn is to make meaningful connections that help your career as well as others.

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Digital Business Stationery

business stationery digital stationery for small businesses

It is still important!

In an age where digital media and brand equity go hand in hand, business stationery is still very relevant. There is something incredibly powerful and enjoyable about ordering your very first set of business cards for your business venture but why stop at business cards when so many on-line or digital businesses are offering full stationery packages.

The package above which can be ordered from Fiverr and includes:

  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Stamps
  • Newsletter Heads
  • and an App

We live in a different era now where someone can make you a package of digital stationery and simply deliver it to your email address for you to use and print as you desire. There’s no doubt that business stationery is still a fun and relevant form of brand identity and puts you above your competitors that don’t have these little additions but I personally feel these are great additions to any business, mostly benefited by larger corporations such as law firms, accounting firms and the like, this being said what’s stopping you from being different to you competitors.

How to really capture your audiences attention!


Explainer Videos are here!

Explainer Videos are a fantastic way to not only capture your audiences attention but also an incredibly simple and engaging way to explain to customers or potential customers what it is you’re offering and why they should choose you each and every time. Images and infographics still rank highly and are perfectly fine but why not use something new and fresh and besides nothing will captivate an audience more than a 60 sec video about YOUR product, service, offering etc.

There are many many places these videos can be acquired. My favourite and most affordable is Fiverr. Here is one I had made for my other website Social Stream.

Fiverr is an amazing resource and a bit of a secret among the heavyweight bloggers and web developers of the world based on the idea that everything can be purchased for $5. Although this is true and amazing, its the extras that cost a little more and make all the difference. Be sure to pick the highest rating users in a category and don’t be shy searching for ANYTHING, I guarantee they will have it, from Video, website builds, Infographics, Logos etc.

So go and get capturing and captivating and have one of these videos embedded on your social media accounts and your website for everyone to see, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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